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SREX: Maintaining a Clear Advantage

SREX is the high speed low latency Order, Execution and Quoting gateway counterpart to our SMDS (Market Data) solution.

Consistent Ultra Low Latency

In process solution delivers messages with mean latencies of sub 3 microseconds per order depending on the underlying exchange protocol. These latencies were calculated on a Intel(R) Xeon(R) E5-2690, 2.9GHz, dual 8 core hardware. Latencies may vary depending on market conditions and the type of hardware and OS kernel used.

Unified API

We provide a unified Order, Execution and Quoting API consistent across all exchanges.  SREX expects users to set appropriate values associated with individual fields based on their requirements. Exchange upgrades and changes are transparent to the user and are covered by the licensing agreement. 

Collocation and Proximity Hosting

Our exchange connectivity solution is architected to execute on minimal Hardware footprint.  This makes our solution highly desirable for exchange collocated or proximity hosted applications.

Fast Time to Market 

SR Labs prides itself on a rapid time to market utilizing agile, on-site software development,installation and integration.  The average time to market any new exchange connectivity is 3 weeks.

Cost Effective

SR Labs product suite is competitively priced for a set of required Exchanges.  Optional production support pricing is also available.

Market Coverage

Our coverage includes all of the major North American Exchanges with plans to expand to other exchanges globally. See here for coverage.


SREX: Technology Features

SREX is developed and built entirely in house with no third party dependencies. Cutting edge design and engineering supported by decades of experience give SREX users a true competitive edge.

Stateless API

SREX by default provides a stateless API; it does not maintain any Order state. There is no embedded Order Management System (OMS) in SREX. However if Order State Management is required SREX can be configured to include an optional OMS

Session Recovery

SREX supports full session recovery by maintaining sequence number information in a configurable memory mapped file.

Message Enrichment

SREX provides ability to do message enrichment programmatically or via configuration.

Record and Playback Capability

SREX has the capability to record messages (Orders, Cancels,Replaces and Executions) in native exchange format and replay them for the purpose of back testing.

Multi platform Support

SREX is currently supported on Linux, Sun OS 10 on Intel and Windows using C++ as the programming language.



   For all SREX support related questions, please send emails to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it