Street Response Laboratories: Proven Solutions for High Speed Electronic Trading

To compete in today’s rapidly changing capital markets, the top financial industry performers rely on one superior solution for high-performance trading: Street Response Laboratories (SR Labs).

SR Labs was created to deliver accurate, end-to-end results where every microsecond counts. Reliable and proven, we provide solutions that yield superior results in today's evolving electronic markets. With an eye on the future, SR Labs has established itself as Wall Street's first call to execute high speed electronic trading by combining superior business acumen, with top-notch technical skills.

Our market data, order and execution platforms have been developed with an emphasis on an ultra low latency, designed to accommodate rapidly increasing data rates with user intuitiveness and business efficiency. Our product portfolio is a comprehensive market data, order and execution platform.

SR Labs' clients include Bulge bracket banks such as Bank Of America Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley. Our Proprietary Trading, Market Making and Hedge Funds clients include firms such as Ronin Capital, AHSAT Capital and Integral Derivatives.