Street Response Laboratories: Proven Solutions for High Speed Electronic Trading


Since its inception in 2007, SR Labs has grown to become the largest feed handler software vendor in the industry, quickly establishing itself as Wall Street’s leading solution for completing high speed electronic trading using its flagship SREX™ and SMDS™ software solutions.

Our market data, order and execution platforms have been developed with an emphasis on an ultra low latency, designed to accommodate rapidly increasing data rates with user intuitiveness and business efficiency to yield superior results.

Following the acquisition of the Wombat Financial Software business in 2014 SR Labs now has an expanded product portfolio, a greater presence in Europe and a comprehensive combined technology offering which allows us to meet the most diverse use cases from a variety of different customer groups. This will enable our customers to have the edge in today’s rapidly changing capital markets environment.

In 2015 we are excited to continue to deliver value through industry leading solutions that improve performance, reduce cost, and simplify market data & trading access for our customers.

SR Labs clients include the majority of the global financial industries largest: 

  • Bulge bracket banks
  • Proprietary Trading / Market Making Firms
  • Hedge Funds


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